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Accounting Office (since 1992) Finance Ministry licence 3374/97
Tax Advisor #4983 (business insurance)
Mo..Fr: 8..16
phone: +48(32)203 64 95
mobile: +48(501)950 390
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PLURIX - reference list

Chosen domestic companies
Some companies with foreign capital
Several former clients

    There are over 40 companies that have chosen our office as their 'Chief Accountant': both corporate bodies and partnerships as well as civil persons and even one government-owned enterprise of a medium scale (85 workers). The companies are located from Toruń to Bielsko, their owners - from Canada through Yugoslavia till Vietnam. They represent a broad spectrum of business: wholesale and retail (f.e. of guns) trade, production, services (including architecture, building industry with full extent: from railways through microexplosions to warmth-automatic; dataprocessing, medicine; or even such specific as courier, security agency or car rental); export and import and customs-storage; and almost every branch of economy. Among them there are currently 9 companies with foreign capital. We're proud (that they all have chosen namely us), but in oder not to bore you with the full list (name any branch of business you need - I'm sure the appropriate company lists among our clients), we're chosing several of them:

ADMINISTRATOR sp. z o.o., Katowice
daughter company of Fundusz Górnośląski
<ESTIMA sp. z o.o., Katowice Write to ESTIMA
smart furniture & household shop (MOLTENI, MIELE, CALLIGARI trademarks)
BK-Handel sp. z o.o., Bielsko
export of steel works products, coal and coke, plastics, wood, company management
PRISAN, Wojkowice
river-bed regulation
Siemianowickie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Społecznego, Siemianowice
workshop of Siemianowice Śląskie municipality for building social flats
Stowarzyszenie Internetowe KOSA, Katowice
erected as a student activity now being principal internet provider for most housing estates @ Alfred district
GZT Telkom-Telmor S.C. Katowice
dealer of Gdańskie Zakłady Teleelektroniczne (antenna and TV-SAT equipment)
brand (DataM / RFN, Agraf, System 3000, Man & Machine) CAD software for production process (f.e. metal sheet cutting): installation, training, supervising
WOJNAROWSCY sp. z o.o. Katowice (former S.C.)
dealer of Philips Lighting, ORBITEC, OSRAM for silesia province

na górę strony

CNIM BABCOCK Polska sp. z o.o, Gliwice
daughter company of a CNIM BABCOCK Central Europe, Czech Republic (French CNIM group): heaters, boilers, cauldrons
COMBUSTION & ENVIRONMENT sp. z o.o., Katowice Write to CEK
daughter company of Mehldau & Steinfath Feuerungstechnik, Germany: combustion techniques and environment protection
CONTEYOR Polska sp. z o.o., Bielsko
daughter company of ConTeyor, Belgium: industry packaging, f.e. for automobile industry (Opel)
HOBES Polska sp. z o.o., Katowice Write to HOBES Polska
j.v. of Hobes, Czech Republic company with Polish shareholders: locks and door-phones
MediFarm sp. z o.o., MediQuick Bodent sp. z o.o, DENTUS sp. z o.o. Katowice
companies with swiss-german capital: medicines, drugs
Pom ALU sp. z o.o., Katowice
daughter company of a Pomel ALU Belgium: aluminium elevations (f.e. Silesian ING-Bank at Katowice HQ on Sokolska street)
SuedPack PackPlast Thermoform sp z.o.o., Katowice
plastic packaging, mainly films
HOWDEN Polska sp z.o.o., Katowice
industry extractor fans

na górę strony

BAKAL-Center, Katowice
wholesale and customs-storage of raisins, dates, nuts, figs...
Restauracja Olimpijska, Katowice Spodek
together with night-club Acapulco
FUK, Katowice
garbage disposal from half of the province: sold to LOBBE company
Zawierciańskie Zakłady Naprawy Samochodów, Government Owned Enterprise in Zawiercie
liquidated by province gubernator

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