PLURIX logo > start page PLURIX (since May 26th,1983) Jerzy Klaczak
Accounting Office (since 1992) Finance Ministry licence 3374/97
Tax Advisor #4983 (business insurance)
Mo..Fr: 8..16
phone: +48(32)203 64 95
mobile: +48(501)950 390
VoIP: (32)790 43 12 (free call from this page)
We are moving!

PLURIX has moved again closer to you

   Well - pantha rei: step by step it was going worse. The main reason is the parking place: we're unable to fight with drivers parking "for a minute to go to the bank" or with lawyers (with gown in hand) breaking the law (parking prohibition road sign - except for residents - was standing at the entrance); new companies were located in the building - their cars park the whole working hours (and the installation of the barrier improves nothing). So we've moved 2 kilometers apart (GPS: 7 minutes) to a small house on the side-street, although still in the city center (11 Wróblewskiego Street). The parking is alongside the street (there're no residents on the opposite side ! ), the entrance is on the front side, ground floor. Our phone numbers remains the same.
11 Wróblewskiego street is only 3 km (7 minutes) from 115 Korfantego st.
The previous history is below:
   Many years our HQ was comfortable there - but since 2 years BUDROL building is undergoing total reconstruction (all walls, including the external ones, were destroyed and rebuild anew). After 9 years staying there, we decided to move to the isolated, silent house (although on the main street: 115 Korfantego street). Our phone numbers remain the same, drive-in entrance is from the Cisowa Street (where BPH Bank is located), our clients park their cars on the house parking area from North (please, leave the garages unblocked ! there's a table on the wall). The door is from South (opposite side), bell # 4 first floor.
Korfantego 115/4 street is not far from BUDROL
So - now it is a history (below):
   From November 1st, 2004 our new HeadQuarter is already operable - 2.2 km closer towards City - in BUDROL building near Słoneczna pętla: 9a Jesionowa street, 2nd floor - to the right from elevator (climbing upstairs - elevators are every second half-floors), rooms #224 and successive. As usual, Mo/Fr, 8am..3pm (We - 8am..5pm). Telephone line 730 31 15 was abandoned on November 30th, 2004; (but line 782 49 10 to the new Office is operative from November 1st, 2004). The 203 64 95 number was transfered by TPSA already to the new HQ. The parking yard besides BUDROL is usually crowded, but there is a lot of parking places at the backside of the building (which are well-visible from our windows). There's a payment for parking now - but our clients payments are covered by us
   Click (also on the map below) for further maps - where we have been, how to drive here, where we are now.
northern quarters of Katowice: where we are, ZETA & BUDROL. Explore this picture, there are links to further maps!
   The history of our peregrinations along Korfantego street - shows that we are slowly approaching Ziętek Circle (or even Main Square?):
December 13th, 1988(?) till November 1992 - Izolacja building, 193 Korfantego st.;
November 3rd, 1992 till November 3rd, 1999 - ITB Śląsk building, 191 Korfantego st.;
February 24th, 1999 till November 30th, 2004 - ZETA building, 179 b Korfantego st;
November 1st, 2004 till December 15th, 2013 - BUDROL building, 9a Jesionowa st;
December 1st, 2013 till now - 115 Korfantego st.
   The history of PLURIX in Silesia begins May 26th, 1983 at Podlesie quarter of Katowice- this location was abandoned about 1995, the same time when UNIREM (3rd biggest Craftmanship Cooperative in Poland) was put into liquidation. The machines for injection moulding were then transfered to Panewniki quarter and sold afterwards.
   Of course, the name "PLURIX" is earlier - from Wrocław times...

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