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PLURIX - services

The place: at our office

    Our offer assumes, that the processing of books and documents is carried at our office. We have tried doing bookkeeping in the companies HQ several times in the past, our experiences are negative. Moreover, it requires establishing additional working post (which will be not used most of the time) for our delegate, which is exactly what companies try to avoid. Principally, our organization scheme assumes that the workload is transferred from post to post as in a production line - every person specializes herself in different problem: checking documents, issuing decrees, entering into books, VAT... If the books will be kept in your HQ, our whole staff should visit your company daily, otherwise the documents should wait till the visit of the next person - such organization make impossible f.e. making bank drafts in due time. In the XX XXI century, with telefaxes, e-mail, cellular phones handy... - it is almost no difference, whether your accountant is located next room, next building or next town. Look at the list of our customers - from Toruń to Bielsko. PLURIX office is located at the place, which is easy accessible by car both from the City of Katowice and the main roads from Warsaw, Cracow, Breslau, Bielitz and Slovakia or Czech Republic (leaving the City aside).

Price estimate

    Knowing the amount of the documents, you could estimate, how much you have to pay if you transfer the accountancy to the PLURIX Office. If you have doubts, please contact us (with your accounting books at hand) in order to calculate the price. Remember, that for companies with foreign capital we charge at least the minimum salary in Poland - you will pay that amount until approximately 160 invoices monthly (selling and purchase together). Assisting in Shareholders' Meeting protocol creation or various additional reports for both statistical office (GUS) or other authorities and parent company is included in this prioe.

    Almost all our customers took their documents back to their HQ after the General Assembly has accepted the statement for that FY. Now we also offer the services of archivising, destroying and storing the documents (except - of course - the personal and payroll files from April the 1st, 2003: our law is changing constantly)

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