PLURIX logo > start page PLURIX (since May 26th,1983) Jerzy Klaczak
Accounting Office (since 1992) Finance Ministry licence 3374/97
Tax Advisor #4983 (business insurance)
Mo..Fr: 8:30..14:45
phone: +48(32)203 64 95
mobile: +48(501)950 390
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PLURIX - preliminary estimation of monthly payment

   The full-screen calculator on this web page computes monthly payment for the services of PLURIX Accounting Office in the FY'2017 basing on the estimated number of the documents given by you below (please, remember, that every collation of the documents "weights" as little as a single document only! It makes difference: one of our client has to pay 19,000 PLN instead of 4,000 PLN if we enter individual documents into books). Besides, we offer discounts to long-term clients.
   General rules how to start using our services here
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1)VAT turnover invoices pcsEach report (f.e. cash register printout) counts as 1
2)Purchase VAT invoices pcs
3)TOTAL VAT invoices pcs1) + 2) {this form calculates this!}
4)cash & bank documents pcsIf empty - 50% of the invoices
5)TOTAL documents pcs3) + 4) {it is calculated here!}

Workers  personsupto 5 persons - gratis; Person.files: NOT YES

Foreign capitalNOT YES
If wrong - If OK -

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