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PLURIX - prices

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Archivising, storage and destroying the documents (except payroll and personal)

    The prices paid by our clients depend of the volume of the work done for them by PLURIX. We charge 2.68 PLN for each book entry (where typical VAT invoice counts as 3 items: for gross, net and tax amount; nevertheless, there are documents with more or less records - f.e. typical bank draft has only one entry: for the sole amount of the both credit and debit side). When we obtain summary collations made by our clients, we charge for the amount of book entries needed for the collation as a whole, not for the individual documents covered in it (f.e. the monthly collation of the invoices "weights" as a single invoice, whether there is only a dozen or dozen thousands invoices. Of course, it requires that the accounts receivable are under full control of our client. Similarly, the monthly printout from the fiscal cash box is also only one document). Additionally, when PLURIX prepares VAT registers (which is a typical case) we charge a half (1.34 PLN) of the abovementioned price for each document (but this time on a per document basis, not a per single figure) filled into the registers. There is only one additional surcharge: for bringing documents late (after the 10th of the next month) to our office (up to 20% - that rate was used only twice till now). There is no surcharge for 'reception of the documents' or 'checking invoices' or 'sorting them' or 'printing listings' as some other accounting offices do (because our clients are very reasonable people and don't ask us every second day for the same specification again and again). All the duties of 'clerk accountant' are covered by this price: checking the documents, signalising the flaws in the documents to be removed or corrected by our clients, entering them into the books, reconciliating payables and receivables, calculating financial result, preparing tax statements (declarations) for all taxes (corporate income, VAT, UE, etc.), storing the documents during the Fiscal Year.

    There are, of course, also jobs paid separately - mainly the preparing of various reports (including the ones required by banks in order to obtain a loan) and agreements or opinions & advises (what-if, how-to, tax optimisation,...), controlling the reports of the companies preparing consolidated balance sheet, preparing bank drafts. Taking part in various controls and inspections (including inventory) on the behalf of our clients is also an example, as well as representing before administrative courts (but carrying correspondence with authorities is included in base price). They are all paid on a per hour basis - @ 165.00 PLN / hour - and per kilometre basis (now ab. 0.8358 PLN/km) if our representative has to travel to other city. In general: PLURIX doesn't create documents, we only enter them in books (if they qualify for it) - and this is in the basic price. But when we take part in the creation of a document, it is paid separately ('cause this is not the "routine" bookkeeping). For the small number of workers, you will pay nothing for the monthly preparation of the social security forms by our office for your staff; when their number exceeds, say, five, we will count additionally 22.10 PLN per sheet (each month there's about one and a half sheet per capita).

    We want to add, that the abovementioned prices are subject to change once a year only: at the beginning of a new fiscal year they increase as minimal salary increases (except - of course - extraordinary events, as f.e. introducing the VAT 22 % tax). The prices stated above are valid for 2015 fiscal year. There's a "but not less than" clause: not less than 1,750.00 PLN monthly (the minimal salary in Poland). For the small or starting companies, this is the price they pay. When the amount of the work increases (usually after first or even second FY), the sum of the per document charges exceeds that minimum and they pay more. The Balance sheet and P&L statement together with accompanying documents are paid as a thirteen month of the FY - of course, the full annual report with all that accompanying works; the sole monthly printout of "raw" B/S or P&L is free of charge. Please add 23% of VAT to all the prices stated here and elsewhere (but it is - of course - not any expense to you: you deduct it from the VAT you have to pay to Tax Office from your turnover). If you compare it to the salary of the account department, please note, that there are no additional insurance expenses, nor the working post (rooms, computers, ...) are required. PLURIX also has no vacations or other absences (illness). On our Web pages you can find - among others - the interactive calculator, which instantly computes the monthly payment to the PLURIX Office, also helping you to estimate the input figures for calculation. Long-term clients can negotiate the prices.

    After the FY is closed, the documents are not processed anymore (at least, not daily) and should go to the archive. In general, that process starts already during the year - the documents are sorted according to the numbers from the General Ledger and stored in monthly files. Next 5 years the documents must wait untouched (according to the tax rules). After that time (which is a happy time for some company owners and especially accountants - look how they enjoy New Years Eve parties) they can be put into shredder... STOP! Not that quick! Some of them must be kept - there are other laws, which rules over them: f.e. social security.

    Archiving is a process of inspecting the documents (f.e. for any given FY) and dividing them to classes according to the storage deadline - f.e. B50 - fifty years). The amount of documents is measured in running meters - typical file is 6 cm thick, so 1 r.m. equals to 17 files. The prices for archiving are

80.- PLN + VAT / r.m.
categories B25, B99, A
60.- PLN + VAT / r.m.
categories B3, B5, B12

    Destroying is a process of physically damaging the documents, whose storage deadline has already passed in a safe way: we guarantee, that nobody (neither unqualified nor qualified) won't read a letter from them. The documents are put directly into the paper mill and transported with safe transport by a security agency. You are surprised by our prices? Please, put your documents on waste-basket and you will obtain even some money from the cleaning agency (your competition is waiting for such opportunities, nevertheless!). Maybe better will be to order a secretary to put it into the shredder before? Anyway, our price is 45.- PLN + VAT for each (even partly filled) 35 kg sack (average file weights ab. 2 kg, so 1 r.m. of documents is just ca 35 kg).

    Storage of the documents is a period - measured in years - during which they must be ready to be used anytime, and additionally cannot lose their properties: get mouldy or rot... Because the documents are (typically) archived beforehand, it is clear, which file can be destroyed every new year; the rest must wait patiently for their turn. Our yearly price for storage is:

50.- PLN + VAT / r.m.
categories B25, B99
30.- PLN + VAT / r.m.
categories B5, B10, B12
41.- PLN + VAT
additional fixed price per company

    It is worth knowing, that Polish Commercial Law obliges the shareholders of the companies ceasing to exist to declare, where the documents of the company will be stored!
Starting from April the 1st, 2003, the personnel and salary documents can be stored by the Ltd. companies licensed by woivodship only.

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