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Tax Advisor # 4983
Finance Ministry licence 3374/97

PLURIX - Accounting Office

    The PLURIX took over its Accounting office in 1992, as an offspring from the "Izonova" Co. Ltd. Then it was simply the former Accounting Department of the abovementioned company, being now one of the oldest accounting agencies on the Polish market. Today, it is a civil partnership owned by two people, both having a license of Polish Finance Ministry required to maintain the accounting books: #1073/96 for Ms. Kmieciak and #3374/97 for Mr. Klaczak. One of the owners, namely Mr. Klaczak, is also a licensed Tax Advisor (# 04983). None of the owners or the workers is chartered auditor yet; nevertheless we have a "pool" of qualified auditors collaborating with PLURIX when a need arises for a balance-sheet verification and book auditing (nonetheless, we cannot audit personally the books kept by our office). Obviously, we have an insurance policy (required by Polish law) against the flaws that could be made by PLURIX to our clients, because we have to give them a warranty for the compatibility between the tax law and the results of our work. Although there are young people between our workers (we must expand), the core of our task force have competence relevant to the state of 'permanently-changing-tax-law' here in Poland. At the beginning of the year 2003 our employee took 3rd place in the semifinals for Book-keepers of the Year. Our working staff consist of 7 full-time employee (not counting the girls on maternity leave) and over 5 permanent contractworkers.
   We can offer to our clients the keeping of accounting books and some simplified books & ledgers specific to Polish tax law for smaller firms. We also offer tax and law advises (generally concerning code of commerce and code of employment, incidentally also custom tariffs and other problems). Our office prepares payroll lists for some of our clients (although the wages are, obviously, under full control of respective CEO's), and the statements to social security office and tax office for them. For the small companies, we process the lists at our office, larger ones (from ab. 30..50 employes) receive appropriate computer software, which enables them to change the payroll list even at the very moment the employee are queueing up for money (especially important in the building industry). We help our clients in using dataprocessing techniques in their business (using both our experience and the help from external companies, also among our clients), although sometimes Plurix Office takes over the job from the company not willing to invest in computers (f.e. sending the bank drafts electronically, or transferring salaries to employe's bank account in order to keep the salaries in strict confidence). When the fiscal year ends, we prepare a balance sheet for that FY (as usually, preliminary one till March, the final one till June or even September), together with necessary resolutions to be passed on General Assembly Meeting of the Shareholders.
    Most of our clients use computers in their offices. They can obtain at no cost from PLURIX the 'blind-copy' of our accounting software: they can look and print every report, but cannot change even a dot in the books. Each month they obtain a diskette (or e-mail) with the current (incremental) state of the financial books. We can also prepare a complete set recording on a CD-ROM (or DVD) for you, or send it via Internet e-mail. The financial statement prepared according to Polish tax law agrees in general with the EU standards (Swiss GAPP, also); we can prepare it also in English or German language. Every company with foreign capital has some form of monthly reporting, and each one has completely different one; nevertheless, our software is tailor-made for each peculiarity (the only problem is to decide: what - where - when should be printed).
    There are over 40 companies that have chosen our office as their 'Chief Accountant': both corporate bodies and partnerships and civil persons and even one government-owned enterprise of a medium scale (85 workers). They represent a broad spectrum of business: trade, production, services; export and import; and almost every branch of economy. Among them there are currently 9 companies with foreign capital. We're very proud, that you have chosen to join them and make a step in the proper direction. We don't know answers for all the question you'll ask (it's obvious) - but if it will be beyond our knowledge we route you on the right course, to the proper person here in Poland who will guide you up to the solution. You will never be left alone. The knowledge we gain dealing with one client is applied immediately to all the remaining ones.
    How we treat our customers? We are like the driver of a company car: usually, he will not drive up the one-way street against the obligatory direction. But if the director orders him to do because he's in a hurry - order is order; we will warn you if you try to break the rules, but you are in command, we are only the workers. And we will always wait for you with the car ready to start...

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